Modelling & stylist: commercial work

Samples of some of my modelling and stylist work for fashion editorials, vendor photos and advertising campaigns:


T R E M P E  Magazine – David Heather campaign – photographer: Marcopol Oh



A V E N U E  M A G A Z I N E – Photographer and co-model: by Josiah Lee Baxter



!d e v i o u s M i n d campaigns – photographer: Chandra Meehan



M A N I E R A  Magazine – Photographer: Lovely Miwako Menna

ManieraMusicEdition foto MIWA


O G L A M Model Search – photographer: Badon Rain1 color block

2 block


F I E R C E  Magazine cover – photographer: Steele Sirnah

SL Fierce June Cover


A V E N U E  Magazine – photographer: Hikaru Enimo



G L A N C E  Magazine – photographer: Cornelia Dyrssen

1 by Cornelia Dyrssen2 by Cornelia Dyrssen3 by Cornelia Dyrssen


F I E R C E  Magazine – photographer: Byrne Darkly Cazalet




F A S H I O N  T E L L E R: The Alice Issue – photographer: Pierre and Polly Elan



F A S H I O N  T E L L E R: Dolls Life – photographers: Pierre & Nimoe Constantine



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