I shoot for some of the best Second Life Fashion Magazines: Versus – Fierce – Thema

Former work: AVENUE – Asymetrique – Glance.

Available for fashion and lifestyle content shoots – commercial and editorial.

My rates are: 3 – 5000 per photo with conciderable styling/set building and post production. Single shot, plain background: 2000 L

Work samples:

Thema magazine:

Carnelian 3 Carnelian 4 Carnelian 6


Photo 1 closeup Photo 2 Photo 3 closeup Photo 3

Fierce Magazine:

Fierce White 2Steele Sirnah Fierce White PhotoshootFierce White 1 - the one

Versus Magazine:

Honey Bender Wallpaper 1 Honey Bender Wallpaper 2

VERSUS sweet sixties 2 VERSUS sweet sixties 3VERSUS beauty shot - metallicsVERSUS pastel 1VERSUS pastel 4